Live Dragon Tiger Guide – How and Where to Find this Game

Dragon Tiger is a casino card game that was introduced first in Cambodia. This game is very popular for players that wants a fast paced and easy game to play. If you are interested in trying this game, you have to read this Live Dragon Tiger Guide – How and Where to Find this Game article first so that you have prior knowledge before playing for real money.

Live Dragon Tiger Guide – How and Where to Find this Game

A Standard English decks of 52 cards are used by this game, no jokers and wild cards are used. Dragon Tiger is mostly dealt from a Backjack shoe which can hold up to eight decks of cards.

In this game you do not play against the dealer, instead like Baccarat, the objective is to simply choose which hand you think from Dragon and Tiger will have the highest card. And unlike Baccarat, there is no additional card drawn, just a single card is dealt.

Live Dragon Tiger Guide – How and Where to Find this Game
Live Dragon Tiger Guide – How and Where to Find this Game

Placing Bets

Before the dealer place the cards on the table layout face-up; players must already have placed their wagers. Highest card wins, however there are important rules that needs to be considered. First, the value of the cards: from low to high, Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, Jack, Queen and King. Additionally, regardless of where the player puts their wager, if both hands receive the same value it will result in a Tie, and all the wagers lost will be returned with less commission.

Online casino wouldn’t have any edge if they don’t take something from each Tie result. More than 80,000 possible outcomes for each hand; about 5% can result in a Tie.  This gives the Live Dragon Tiger an edge of 3.73%. That is much higher than Baccarat.

Tie Bet

Tie Bet is one of the basic betting options of Dragon Tiger. The payout for winning this bet is 8 to 1. If you have ever played Casino War, you know that the Tie bet pays 10 to 1. Other online casinos pay even higher and get less commission for this game.

Dragon Tiger Side Bets

Depending on the online casino and the software they use, you can find more side betting options.

The usual side-bets are:

  • Dragon or Tiger Big: Whether the value of the hand is over 7, if the value is 7 you lose your wager.
  • Dragon or Tiger Small: Whether the value is lower than 7, if it is 7 you lose your bet.
  • Suit Bet: A bet on the suit (Heart, Spades, Diamond and Club) for a chosen hand. Pays out 3 to 1 and you lose your bet if a 7 appears.

Dragon Tiger is a very simple live casino game. You don’t even need to remember all of the above information as the dealer will do it for you.

Where to Find this Game

Dragon Tiger is a very popular game. There are thousands who offer this game online.

Here is the list of casino software that offers it:

  • Sexy Casino
  • AllBet Casino
  • Asia Gaming
  • Opus Casino
  • EBET
  • Gameplay Casino
  • Big Gaming Casino
  • Dream Gaming
  • Oriental Game


Now you know Live Dragon Tiger Guide – How and Where to Find this Game, you are ready to play this awesome game. If you have further questions, do not forget to leave a comment.

Online Gambling Games with the Lowest House Edge

We play online casino games for a few hours of entertainment and win money along the way. However, not all games treats you the same as you do. There are major differences between the payout percentages from one casino game to another. This payout percentage rate helps determine whether the game has a low house edge.

Online Gambling Games with the Lowest House Edge

Casino’s house edge can be reduced by using effective strategies, but the easiest and safest way to do so is by playing the online gambling games with the lowest house edge that is listed below:

Online Gambling Games with the Lowest House Edge
Online Gambling Games with the Lowest House Edge

French Roulette

French Roulette is a variation of Roulette where there is only one zero (0) found on the wheels which gradually reduces the house edge to 2.5%. Unlike the American version where there are two zero (00) that increases the edge of the casino.

The game is really easy to play: you can make straight bets on 35-1 numbers, however the wheels contain 37 numbers. You can easily see how low the odds of it compare to the American variant.

Online Slots

Despite having a bad reputation and being named a “One-Armed Bandit”, slots are the most popular game that is played at online casinos. Developers are in continues competition against each other on who makes the best slots by adding features such interactive bonuses, free spins and hidden jackpot rounds.

To reduce the house edge, find the slot titles that features a high RTP (Return to Player) rate. The higher the RTP the better payout and lowest house edge. My favorites are: Ugga Bugga, Hot Ink and Caishen’s Gold which you can find at Malaysia online casino.

Three Card Poker

This is a fun and quick game which is said to be a poker variation. It has gained a lot of popularity especially for players that are looking for fast-paced table games. Unlike other games, here players are playing not against each other but instead with the dealer. Payouts of Three Card Poker varies according to the cards of the dealer.


So you think that the games above are difficult to play, and you are looking for a much easier game, then Baccarat is your best option. You don’t need to use difficult strategies as the game is so easy to play. You will only have to choose which hand from Banker and Player you think will have a total value close to 9.

Your best option is by placing bets on the Player because the Banker hands has an additional fee added to it. A simple Baccarat strategy is placing money on the previous winner as the game can have winning streaks. For more variation of this game, visit Malaysia online casino today.


To be precise, what you need to play is a single deck blackjack game. The house edge is dramatically reduced on this variation and your chances to win is greatly improved. Add some basic playing strategy and bankroll management and the edge is lowered even more.